We are many things, that is freedom.

It was in early 2018 when Shantanu, ex BCG consultant and Lata, an advertising and research professional blew up their careers for the love of beer. All it took was pints of the good stuff and an insightful meeting with Jim Koch, father of the craft beer revolution. Founded with the message of freedom, Kati Patang has kicked off experimental brews happily glugged by the free-spirited.

We are maximalists, we dip our hands in varied interests, refusing to conform to one label. We have brewed a unique range of beer styles, experimented with draft and launched our non-alcoholic range of NOT drinks, all to innovate in the beverage space.

With a versatile portfolio of drinks and tales of freedom, it was time to open a cafe to serve an ever-curious audience. At Crosspoint Mall, Gurgaon, Kati Patang cafe flung its door open to welcome tipplers, thinkers and tinkerers alike.

What’s next? We honestly don’t know. It’s always an impromptu move, a turning pint fuelled more freedom! *drumming our fingers in anticipation*

Welcome to the Kati Patang Life.